Fancy seeing yourself up on our Winners page?

Fancy seeing yourself up on our Winners page?

If you have a win on Think Bingo send a picture of yourself, how much you won and a quote...
you’ll receive a £20 bonus of your choice!

Send your details to: Good Luck!

Susipoo set her balance on fire by winning £1,616.08 playing Fire Queen June 8th!

Nelly05 was playing 7's To Burn on their mobile and won 2,000 and about 30 minutes later won another £1,600 June 7th. Double the fun!

Angie57 won £1,337.50 playing Happy Mushroom June 6th. Whhooo-hooo!

Secret Garden flowered a big winner, gdp307 won £6,750.00 while playing the evening of June 5th. Big Applause!

Our £2,000 Flower Power JP £1,000 coverall winner was bonnie5. 31 Thinkers shared the 1TG prize pot of £500 and 51 shared the £500 2TG pot. Congrats to everyone that played over the weekend, game played May 31st.

Whoop it up for laurat2k8 who has won £1,335 playing Ultimate Universe on mobile, May 28th

Put your hands together for xx1winplsxx who has won £2,430, £4,320 and £2,430 so far playing Twin Spin Mobile, May 26th

Congratulations to jessie04 who won £1,509.00 on Sugar Train Mobile, May 25th

Way to go LittleAppleThnk who won £2,132.62 on Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, May 25th

Whoop it up for catboy1976 who won £2,512.50 on Snack Time Mobile, May 23rd and another £2,500 on May 25th

A big congrats to tarot57 who won £1,340.00 on Amazon Queen, May 22nd and £2,5000 on X Factor Video Slot on May 24th

Put your hands together for rav4 who won £2,002.40 on Wicked Riches, May 21st

Well done to Angie57 who won £2,517.50 on Fluffy Favourites last Saturday, May 9th. She says that it is her favourite slot game and she loves how the pink elephant wiggles his bum back and forth.

Congratulations to catboy1976 who won £9,287.87 on Snack Time mobile last Saturday, May 9th.

tommylynch won 2x on Shaman's Dream for a total of £21,736.64 over the weekend, May 16th. She said she thought she was the most unluckiest person ever and then she won...TWICE!

This page was last updated on May 29, 2015.


“So happy to have won £2,000. That’s Christmas sorted now, thank you Think Bingo!”

"Hi would just like to say how much i love to play on think bingo, iv one a few jacpots but the best was when i won £300 a week before i was taking the kids on holiday! it couldnt have come at a better time and made our holiday that bit better! thankyou think!!"

"I love Think Bingo and enjoy the company. It helps me relax after a stressful day at work"

"this is the best site online also the CMs are the best. i would never go on any other site. to be honest i have looked but never ever been tempted so just make sure it remains TOP"

"i much prefer it to gala bingo! Think Bingo all the way now!"

"do you know that you guys really look after us, and this is probably the reason people stick with Think Bingo. i have never known a bingo site so generous...where does your generousity end?...I do spread the word about your site because you're worth it"

"can honestly that say nothing comes close to tb, everyone says the same. Other sites dont have a forum, they don't meet up 4 parties and there's never any sign of management to help or join in with the fun. It sickens me when i read about other sites coz they all think they are the best site... well the clearly ain't found tb yet have they"

"ive been on alot of bingo sites and a few forums and never met so many nice people as i have all so friendly and nice......thanks again "

"hiya just wanted to let u know how brilliant your think bingo is and i cant believe what i have missed out on for the last year! LOVE IT!"


"Hello Just wanted to say what a great place to be, in thinkbingo, I am totally new to bingo in or out of the house, I have never played, but hey guess what I think I am hooked. I still can't keep up with all the games in chat and I do fall into the wrong room every now and then, but all the great people in the newby room do try and keep me on the right path"


"This money means so much to me and my family. I still cant believe it and on 3 cards. Once again many thanks to all at TB for giving me the chance to win.
Kind regards"


"its the people i mainly come in to meet and talk to and they have been very supportive when i have had a bad day.thats a thing i feel you should be proud of as a site as i do not believe there is another site out there that cares so much for all its customers"

"i have been playing every day since i joined and love it, everyone is so nice as you said its not only a game of bingo its a chance to have a good chat with everyone from all over. I look forward to meeting friends i have made every night, now i cant wait to get online to play."

"hi, hope you dont mind me emailing you as i think your site thinkbingo is the best ever site ive played on , and yes ive played on about 20 different bingo sites... lol .. i joined your site 5 days ago now and i think it is the ive played at in many year, i give full respect to your staff and all in chat rooms , after only 5 days (4 of which i was a little scared to join in chat games )lol......... but now after just a short time i feel at home the cm's are the nes and all the other roomies cant do enough to help a new comer , which i thinks is so nice and sweet. I would just like to inform you that i will stay a member of you site until the day i canno longer play bingo, i am an agraphobic and never leave the house, so being part of such a friendly family as i call your site is such a comfort to me, I get welcomed every time i enter chat by cm's, which are so friendly and helpful (gratefully appreciated) to someone new... i also give credit , were it is due, to your players i have never met such wonder people on a bingo site in my time playing. I thank thinkbingo and staff , players and all involved for making my life seem worthwile , i have made alot of friends on line at your site and i am so happy, life was low and my pc is my only company. And on my final thought i send love , happiness, and joy to all involved. Many many for making me a memeber 'it is an honor' . thanking You so much "